Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bad News- Disney Spending to Decline

Well Friends, It was bound to happen.

Our hopes and dreams for a massive Epcot Center and World Showcase refurbishment looks to be held off for another 5-10 years. Talking Head #2 (Bob Iger) announced today that after the massive billions of dollars spending spree Disney Parks have been on for the 2011-2012 years they will then turn their eye to a move "conservative" approach in coming years.

"I think you're likely to see relatively prudent behavior over the next number of years," Iger told analysts. "We do have some commitments that will continue to be reflected in increased capital spending — the one that is most notable is Shanghai Disneyland, and [there's] the completion of the Fantasyland redo or build-out in Florida. But I think you're likely to see a fairly prudent period for the company."- From the Orlando Sentinel

It looks like aside from Test Track and the GM refurbishment deal that Epcot Center, the once crown jewel of Disney Technology has fallen by the wayside once again. Rumors have been circulating for years that Epcot is do for a massive refurb and updating of systems, it looks like that rumor may well be false according to what Iger has told in this press conference. Epcot has been in the red on admission and costs the last several years due to no real updates being put into place, Mission: Space being that last true building project they produced in the last few years. When the FantasyLand expansion hit the rumor circuit we all had hope that once Magic Kingdom was squared away again with an even number of rides that hopefully the Epcot rumors would prove true!

Sadly, it looks like we are all bound for disappointment once again.

You can read the full piece from Orlando Sentinel: Disney's Billion Dollar Spending Spree Winding Down.

Damn it, Disney! Do you purposely NOT listen to the fans? To your employees? To your Imagineers?! Epcot needs love if you ever want to see that park in the black and back up to snuff!
Yet somehow you don't pay attention to the places that NEED the love. Epcot Center, World Showcase and Hollywood Studios need attention. They need big ticket attractions and next gen technology to keep on par with your giant projects. We don't want "AvatarLand" we want open pavilions at Epcot, We want NEW countries in World Showcase, We want NEW movie attractions!

Open your eyes and get your head out of your collective asses, it might just do you a WORLD of good!

Sorry, things like this REALLY drive me completely batshit insane. 

/End Rant Mode.

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