Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daily Distractions 6/14

Thursday 6/14

Good Morning and Welcome to Daily Distractions!
Just in case you didn't know what your looking at, it's always good to remind folks.
Daily Distractions is going to focus on a few of my favorite Blogs to read in the coming days, so keep checking back to see what the nutcase behind Insanity Lurks Inside reads herself.

Today's Distraction is another favorite blog of mine to visit. Epcot Explorer is a blog that devotes most of it's time to my favorite Disney World theme park: Epcot Center and World Showcase! They often do photos of new and updated attractions as well as some great history pieces, they are some very friendly and knowledgeable folks about Epcot and it's attractions so feel free to ask questions or pipe up!
Recently they've posted a nice piece on CarsLand at Disneyland as well as updates on Test Track and World Showcase. 


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