Saturday, October 19, 2013

Banshee Watch - October 19

Good morning folks!!!!
 I've got another photo update for everyone to enjoy, at least I hope everyone is enjoying these updates as much as we are.
 So I'm going to get right into it; enjoy!!!
Photo: How much do you think the piece of track in the air for the new Banshee roller coaster weighs?
So based on this picture...I have no idea where this is going, lol.  We're looking over the back end, return to station track section, and we can see the first hill.  And while looking on KI's Facebook page apparently this lovely little piece of track weighs 8,000 lbs.  Who knew we were going to learn something interesting today?
So on to the next picture:
Photo: Do you "like" this view of the ride from inside the Banshee construction zone?
Check out the half built loop de loop!!  (Yes, I know I sound like I'm five but shush)  I love the twists you can see built into the track, this opening is going to be kick ass.
We are so excited for this ride and as soon as more photos show up I'll be sure to get them available to all you awesome readers.
Hugs to all!!!

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