Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Banshee Watch - October 30



  Okay so I'm a day early but no big deal right? Especially since this is my favorite holiday and I've got a Halloween treat just for yinz (yes, I'm from Pittsburgh and yes I use Pittsburghese just deal with it).

Wait for it.........................................................THE LOOP IS COMPLETE!!!  King's Island Facebook has posted the picture of the complete loop which encircles the lift hill and it looks so amazing.

Photo: The loop interacting with the lift hill was topped off this morning on the new Banshee roller coaster.  

I have an unrealistic hope that a car will be going up the hill as one passes overhead but that would put two cars too close together and we all know that would be a bad idea so my dream shall just remain a dream. (I feel like I should sing "I Dreamed a Dream, but we'd all go deaf).

I also found this gem hidden among the pictures and I honestly couldn't remember if I posted it or not but either way do we really care? Nope, we just want more photos.

 I can not believe the scale of this ride and I love how it fills the whole area.  Imagine what it'll be like in a couple of years once all the trees and nature grow back in.

 I am ending my update here today and I wish everyone a safe,scary, spooky and wondrous HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  Remember: Jack the Pumpkin King is watching you.

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