Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gasparich Strikes Again- Banbury Cross WILL be Re-themed in 2014

 Scott Gasparich  Satan Strikes Again. This time at Banbury Cross.

 This man is the devil, I'm telling you folks, someone check him for horns!

...This broke my brain and my heart.

 The beautiful entrance area of Busch Gardens Williamsburg is No More. The area of Banbury Cross will be re-themed to 1960's London to go along with the new stage show, London Rocks. London Rocks will be located in the Globe Theater for 2014.

 In a press release, Gasparich said the following:
The entire English village inside Busch Gardens is getting a makeover to go with the new show. The Globe is being redesigned to take advantage of the latest technology in lighting, audio and stage design, including the use of projection mapping, ear-bending sonic soundscapes and a raked stage similar to performance stages used in European opera houses. Outside, the village will be decked out with new life and energy that embraces the roots of rock-n-roll with feelings of love, hope and freedom.
“Guests will feel the thrills and excitement of being rock stars in the heyday of rock-n-roll London as they walk through Busch Gardens’ English village,”.

 Please prepare yourselves folks, the Red and Blue paint is coming
I'm really hoping it's not going to be that bad but after seeing the other chaos which has replaced once great shows, I'm not holding out for much surprise now that he's getting his hands on a 'land' of the park.

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