Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Freestyle Music Park has Rides to Sell

 The ill-fated "Hard Rock Park" and later called "Freestyle Music Park" will never be resurrected. 

Sitting on 55 prime acres in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the park has been sitting idle since 2009 after only operating for two seasons.

 As reported earlier this year, something fishy was going on at the park. They have been spotted testing rides, many speculated that this was a sign the park would reopen or a new buyer had been found.

 However, most of us realized this wasn't a good sign. Abandoned Theme Park with half a dozen failed sales in it's history but sitting on a valuable piece of property suddenly tests rides?  Their getting ready to gut and sell.

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 Today on Italintl, a premier source of used attractions and rides, the Freestyle Music Park rides appeared for sale.  Pretty much everything is for sale, all the roller coasters, the flat rides, even the playground area. All of it is now up for grabs for the correct price.

 Naturally, no prices are listed on the website but it's rare that coasters of this size go up for sale. The last two large coasters sold by them where King Cobra from Kings Island and HyperSonic XLC from Kings Dominion.
Both of these rides didn't get lucky, mostly due simply to their age and a history of ride issues. King Cobra was sold as scrap (as far as anyone can tell) and HyperSonic XLC is a mystery- some say scrapped others say it's still for sale.

 However, these attractions have a slightly better shot at life. It's still 50/50 between a sale and being scrapped.. but keep in mind they are much 'newer' then other coasters once offered for sale and they've had little wear/tear rider wise. Combine that with a milder winter, these rides should still be in decent shape.

 I sincerely hope they rides all find new homes as they've barely had a chance at life.  The larger rides will hopefully go to a smaller park which may not have the cash to purchase a new B&M machine.

To see the full listing of what's currently for sale, please visit: Most Recently Added- Italintl

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