Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Water Country USA- 2014 Project Revealed

 Well the 2014 project for Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Virginia has been reviled, finally.

 A massive new waterslide will grace the park for next season. The well leaked plans for the ProSlide have been going around the internet for a few weeks now, as always the awesome folks at BGW Fans are on the ball again!  A more devoted bunch of theme park stalkers than myself (shocking, I know), these people always hit the money.

  The ride will have the clover shaped tubes and will feature two major elements- The "wave" and The "funnel" with an over ride length of 552 feet and said to give you a 'weightless experience'.

The park states the following about the ride:
True to its name, this mega-slide promises to deliver an action-packed adventure.  Thanks to a unique combination of high-adrenaline elements, there’s nothing like Colossal Curl in North America. The ride starts with a funnel feature, which will swish and swirl guests before whisking them through the ride’s enclosed colorful tubes on their way to a wave element that hurtles them high above the park.

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