Friday, November 15, 2013

Good and Bad News for Disneyland Paris

 Both Good and Bad News from Disneyland Paris this week. 

The Bad:
The park has seen a decline of over 1 million people and declining hotel bookings in the 2013 fiscal year. This goes in hand with the economic problems in France as well as Southern Europe.  However, this may not impact the parks badly as with this decline they have seen higher spending and longer stays from their guests.

The Good:
In 2014 the newest addition to the park, Ratatouille will open. This is expected to drive up attendance for at least a year or two. In addition to this Disney has stated they will be spending $600 million in both maintenance and development.  This come afters a large public outcry about the overall shabby state of the parks, so while many disagreed with the "Save Disneyland Paris" movement it seems to have done some good!

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