Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Construction Scheduled for Grand Texas Theme Park Unveiled

There hasn't been much news since the initial announcement on this one, but it seems as if things are still moving forward with the Grand Texas theme park and entertainment complex just north of Houston, Texas.

Originally it had been thought that the park would be open in 2015, but it would seem that they're taking a slightly different approach to just how they're phasing in each of the elements that will make up the entire property.

The first stage of construction will start this coming August and consist of the massive indoor sports complex and should be open sometime around March in 2015. Additionally, this coming September will be mark the start of construction on the Big Rivers Waterpark with an opening slated for June 2015.

At some point construction on the 71 acre theme park portion of the project will begin with Phase One and according to their master plan it should be open sometime in 2016.

Monty Galland, CEO of the Grand Texas Sports and Entertainment District said, “With AstroWorld, one of the biggest things is not the closing, it was very successful, but AstroWorld’s growth potential was stunted by being boxed in. That’s why we developed [Grand Texas] with the ability to continue to grow for 30 years.”

The fact that they have room to expand the park upwards of 150acres or more is also a very big plus in their favor and looks like they'll be able to keep things going for quite a long time. When it's all said and done, the theme park will boast five roller coasters, flat rides, entertainment facilities for live music and even educational areas to teach people about the state of Texas itself.

With this news, it seems like the park is definitely moving forward and I guess we'll just have to wait and see for what they'll be offering up the folks of the Houston area and beyond as more information is released!

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