Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Disney Parks- Star Wars Land Likely Delayed?

 Disney Parks- Star Wars Land Likely Delayed?

 New rumor circling today, regarding the much rumored 'Star Wars Land' which may show up at Disney Hollywood Studioes as well as other Disney Parks.

 Rumors have been going around since this one broke the surface, with fans and fanatics going bonkers in regards to the idea. Some love it, others hate it. Well, it looks like we're all going to be waiting a while longer before hearing anything more concrete on the matter.

 With new movies being released, we'll likely have to wait until those are underway. On top of the fact another blog (Disney and More) believe that the final update of Star Tours will be Disneyland Paris but not until 2016.  They make some valid points, we'll likely not see a full 'land' coming until this point due to updating the current rides. When you toss out the idea that Disney World, the most likely park to receive a new 'Star Wars Land' first, is still in the middle of working on AvatarLand.. it's unlikely that they'll take on two massive construction projects at once.

 So, we can rest easy (or upset) for a while. We likely won't be seeing changes or announcements for some time!

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