Monday, July 2, 2012

What happened to the Characters in Flight Balloon?

Cause I have to tell you, I was confused as hell when I came home from a lovely weekend out to hear that all of Disney's "Characters in Flight" balloons around the world had been shut down.. some even removed very quickly.  I had to contact a friend to even find out what on earth they where talking about because somehow my brain-in-vacation-mode didn't connect the dots!

Well naturally when I got home and sat down for some serious internet searching to try and find an answer! After a little while I came across what many are suspecting is the reason, so I'm here to share it with the rest of you!

Five people where injured when the same type of balloon which operates as Disney's "Characters in Flight" sprung a leak and suddenly became very close friends with gravity.

"The problem was a rupture

in the gas-filled bag. Park officials refused to provide details, but some witnesses said the gash was more than three meters wide.

 Well Folks, I think after that article and some really shocking pictures it's easy to see that Disney would quickly bring down their own fleet. However I'm surprised to find out the balloon at Downtown Disney is Orlando, Florida has been completely removed. Perhaps it's simply for a detailed check of all operating items and the balloon its-self but I suspect this could be a permanent closure and full removal for this pay-per-ride attraction.  The balloons in Disneyland and Disneyland Paris are also closed until further notice, no word of their complete removal has been posted yet to my knowledge.

I'll post more information if any becomes available, so please stay tuned!

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